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Easy, Breezy Succulents

Tips for caring for this year’s “it” plant Plant care: Fourth in a series Check out our other plant care posts for helpful tips: Hydrangeas Flowering hanging baskets Roses Maybe it’s because they’ve become a symbol of health and wellness. Maybe it’s because we’re living in smaller spaces. Maybe it’s because they are just so […]

Wrangling Your Roses

Plant care: Third in a series Check out our other plant care posts for helpful tips: Caring for your hydrangeas Caring for your flowering hanging baskets   There are many sayings about roses – about their timeless beauty, about their quintessential charm. But oh, those thorns. Some believe they are more analogy for the skill […]

Spring Plant Care: Hydrangeas

Plant care: Second in a series Hydrangeas are to Cape Cod like corn fields are to the midwest – we tend to see them everywhere. While hydrangeas are not native to our region alone, they can thrive here – and are forever tied to our special coastal community. Simply put, we just love them. So how can […]

Happy Hanging Baskets

Plant care: First in a series The only thing better than bringing home a beautiful new plant? Knowing how to care for it – so your investment brings you the longest amount of enjoyment possible. First in a series on plant care, we thought a few tips on caring for flowering hanging baskets was in […]

One More (Ka) Bloom.

Thoughts, thanks and a few more tips It certainly has been an interesting year in gardening this season – and it’s hard to believe it’s coming to a close. We got off to a slow start in spring, with rain and cold weather carrying on into May.   Nevertheless, we opened our garden center doors […]