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5 cool serving ideas for summer treats



What’s better than spending time outside, soaking up summer? Well, not much. But why not save some steps, make clean up easier and maybe shoo away a few flies in the process? Here are 5 ideas that make porting our favorite edibles and drinkables outdoors a little more fun.


1. Salad in a Jar

salad in a jar

Photo: Emma Christensen via The Kitchn

Canning jars are great vessels for just about everything (like these Mason Jar Cocktails) – and we especially love them for summer salads. Dressing goes in first, so all your green goodies stay crisp until you’re ready to toss and enjoy.

Check it out: How To Pack the Perfect Salad in a Jar, from the Kitchn



2. Watermelon Slice Popsicles




Super easy… and super cute! Just add popsicle sticks and and you’ve got a healthy, kid-friendly treat at the ready.

3. Veggie Dip Cups

green goddess cups

Photo: The View from Great Island

These are the perfect portable snack. Make a tray for a party, or keep a stash in the fridge for a good-for-you grab and go. It also solves the dreaded double dipping issue!

Get the recipe for Green Goddess Veggie Dip Cups, at The View from Great Island


4. Muffin Tin Condiments


Photo: She Knows

Serve all of your condiments – with just one trip from the kitchen and one dish to wash! Brilliant.


5. Mason Jar Cocktails

Photo: Yardbird

Filling the ice tub with cans of soda, water and beer is easy, but when it comes to cocktails, making something special can quickly become a sticky mess. Time to break out the mason jar cocktails! Use the recipe of your choice, fill it up and secure with a lid. All your guests need to do is grab one from the ice, sip, and smile.

Get some great mason jar cocktail recipes from Steve the Bartender!




canning jars

Like these ideas? Find all your supplies – from canning jars to salad spinners to muffin tins – at Snow’s!