CENTURY Paint: It’s Hot, and it’s Here.

New designer collection will change the way you think about paint


Does it seem over the top to call a paint collection “an experience?” Maybe. But when we were introduced to  Benjamin Moore’s newest innovation – we had to agree.


The Century™ collection of 75 colors are incredibly rich, but it’s more than just a feast for the eyes. The feel is similar to a soft leather glove! The formulation behind the soft matte finish is so intricate, it can only be made in small batches. The result is amazing dimension on your walls – one that actually creates energy in the room!

century colors


Colors to fall in love with

As a designer, I was immediately drawn to the colors… in a word, wow.  All 75 are inspiring. Everyone has their favorites – colors that will seamlessly integrate with our own sense of style. Here are mine:

rachel's favorite century colors


But they’re all pretty fabulous. Check out the entire curated collection here.


century paint

Century™ was featured this July in Oprah Winfrey’s The O List –

“… small batch CENTURY promises “luminous, saturated – and consistent – color with a soft touch finish that spreads on walls like sweet butter on rye toast.”


Great color… backed up by top-notch quality 

Of course, color is only one part of a great paint. When testing this product for the first time, I was thrilled to find that regardless of high end allure, the dependable quality and consistency that Benjamin Moore is loved and trusted for is not compromised in the slightest.

century small batch paint


The first on Cape Cod

Snow’s is proud to be the first retailer on Cape Cod to offer this premium product. Most designers know Farrow & Ball as this resource, but now Ben Moore’s Century has raised the bar, and you can get it here.

This collection is the crème de la crème in paint, and cannot be duplicated by competitors.  The rich, saturated colors combine with a unique soft matte finish to create an interactive tactile experience of depth and intensity. This luxurious paint line is for those designers and home owners that are seeking the ultimate WOW factor. A conversation starter. A product like no other.

available at Snows


Curious? Have questions? Contact me and set up a consultation to discuss the possibilities of incorporating this incredible new paint in your home.