Open Concept Living

How to use rugs to unite an open floor plan

design cornerHave you noticed something new on many of the “home for sale” signs lately? I have – it’s bold lettering boasting the words “open floor plan!”.

Open concept living is a newish trend that experts say is here to stay. According to Houzz, this design encourages more sociable living, and even promotes indoor/outdoor living, as open spaces tend to bring in more natural light.

So the sky’s the limit, right? Well, yes… and no. Open spaces are a wonderful blank canvas upon which to create and decorate – but without as many walls to define your space, you can end up feeling disconnected. To create definition and function of space within an open layout, multiple furniture groupings are often incorporated, and area rugs act as an important foundation to your groupings. They will “ground” your setting, and prevent the look and feel of your furnishings “floating” in open space.  Rugs create a unified feeling without the the need for actual walls or dividers.


Tips for using area rugs in an open floor plan

Combining two or more area rugs that perfectly complement each other can feel daunting, but don’t fear! If “matchy-matchy” isn’t for you, there are lots of ways you can experiment with textures, patterns and styles. The key? Tie different rugs together with a common thread of color. As long as the color palettes are united, it will all hang together.


  • Play with scales. Create a harmonious flow between your settings by pairing rug choices based on color the scale of pattern. Use one large scale print and one small scale, both with recurring colors that coordinate.
  • Combine design styles. Following the harmonious color rule, there’s no reason why you can’t pair a traditional Oriental with a transitional stripe, or a coastal design with a geometric one!
  • When in doubt, add a neutral. If you want to neutralize a bold statement rug a bit, you can never go wrong with a simple solid or sisal, which matches anything!





These are just of couple of examples – we have these rugs and many more to choose from at Snow’s. And if we don’t have what you want in stock, just ask – we are happy to special order it for you!

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