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Summer Fashion

5 Hot Trends and Styling Tips   Wait, what? Fashion tips from Snow’s Home and Garden? Yes, indeed. After 130 years, people have come to know Snow’s as the place to go for their home, but did you also know that we have a great (and ever-growing) fashion and jewelry department?   That we do. […]

Your Garden Game Plan

Tips for managing fungus, planting and pruning It’s mid-July, and if you haven’t seen our new theme gardens – we invite you to come in and feast your eyes! I have to say, they are looking their best right now. The warmer days and nights have helped to nurture the plants, and they have paid […]

Open Concept Living

How to use rugs to unite an open floor plan Have you noticed something new on many of the “home for sale” signs lately? I have – it’s bold lettering boasting the words “open floor plan!”. Open concept living is a newish trend that experts say is here to stay. According to Houzz, this design […]

Lush Life

5 tips for lush-looking annuals, from summer through fall Those lazy days of summer are upon us… but do you know what? I feel anything but lazy this time of year, because this is when I get the most excited about gardening! Many annuals do best during these months – they can thrive in the […]

Contain your Excitement

5 cool serving ideas for summer treats     What’s better than spending time outside, soaking up summer? Well, not much. But why not save some steps, make clean up easier and maybe shoo away a few flies in the process? Here are 5 ideas that make porting our favorite edibles and drinkables outdoors a […]