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Get the runway look, Cape Cod-style.

On-trend wraps for fall This fall, fashion definitely has a boho vibe. Not unlike it’s sister decorating style, the bohemian trend is for people who appreciate the classics, but like to mix it up. One of the best ways to do this in your wardrobe is to invest in a few statement staples you can […]

Mastering the art of the drape

What you need to know about decorating with curtains and shades   “What a fabulous window treatment!” – Kevin Kline, from the movie In & Out   Whether they’re for style, function, or a combination of the two, window treatments complete a room. And although oversized windows are certainly part of modern home design trends, it’s […]

5 Fabulous Chalk Paint Projects

If you haven’t done a DIY chalk paint project yourself, chances are you’ve seen one. And if you’re like us, the final result usually elicits some oohs and aahs!  Chalk paint is usually associated with a rustic, farmhouse, or shabby chic look (which we love – especially when worked into a seaside-inspired decor). But even if […]

Seasonal Switch

Layering textures and colors to transition your decor for fall Snow’s Interior Design Consultant, Rachel Schink   True, no one likes to push the end of summer, especially when much of our summer here on the Cape has been more like fall, anyway. But, as kids go back to school and the rest of us […]

One More (Ka) Bloom.

Thoughts, thanks and a few more tips It certainly has been an interesting year in gardening this season – and it’s hard to believe it’s coming to a close. We got off to a slow start in spring, with rain and cold weather carrying on into May.   Nevertheless, we opened our garden center doors […]