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3 Companies We Love…

And they make the world a better place, too! We always believe in supporting companies that make great products, But these days, it’s just as important to seek out those who do more. In that spirit, here are three stand out companies with products we love to sell – and support. Corkcicle In addition to […]

Columbus Day Weekend Savings Pass

Save 20% off storewide* Big 4-day sale: October 5 – 8, 2018 Click here to print your pass *Discount does not apply on purchases of Sodastream CO2 Carbonator refill, Michael Healey, Dehumidifiers, Humidifiers, Heaters, A/C, Fans, Power Tools, L&G Power Equipment as well as All Gas & Charcoal Grills, Mosquito Magnets, Trains & Collectables. Offer […]

Our Favorite Fall Colors

3 gorgeous pairings for your home If spring inspires cleaning… fall inspires more of a nesting instinct.  And as we transition into “sweater weather,” it’s not just our clothes that can make us feel warm and cozy. Here are a few ideas for draping your walls in the rich colors of autumn. 1. Red + […]

Easy Outdoor Spaces

Five no-sweat ideas for your porch, deck or patio No doubt, we’ve been having some dog days of summer lately. So other than stepping into our store to cooling off in the A/C for a bit , this weather doesn’t exactly motivate you to redecorating. Unless…. It’s super quick and easy!  There’s still lots of outdoor […]

Terrific Tabletops

Easy Ways to Set a Table to Impress Emily Post reminds us that forks go to the left; knives and spoons go to the right. When it comes to setting a beautiful table – it is helpful to know where everything goes… at least in theory. But nowadays, the table is a place for gatherings […]