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Wrangling Your Roses

Plant care: Third in a series Check out our other plant care posts for helpful tips: Caring for your hydrangeas Caring for your flowering hanging baskets   There are many sayings about roses – about their timeless beauty, about their quintessential charm. But oh, those thorns. Some believe they are more analogy for the skill […]

Spring Plant Care: Hydrangeas

Plant care: Second in a series Hydrangeas are to Cape Cod like corn fields are to the midwest – we tend to see them everywhere. While hydrangeas are not native to our region alone, they can thrive here – and are forever tied to our special coastal community. Simply put, we just love them. So how can […]

Happy Hanging Baskets

Plant care: First in a series The only thing better than bringing home a beautiful new plant? Knowing how to care for it – so your investment brings you the longest amount of enjoyment possible. First in a series on plant care, we thought a few tips on caring for flowering hanging baskets was in […]

What a Mom Wants

Mother’s Day: Sunday, May 13th Need a gift to celebrate the mom in your life? Here are 5 great ideas you can come and wrap up today. A beautiful plant One of the great things about the timing of Mother’s Day is that it falls just when live plants start to shine. From a potted […]

Grills with History… Recipes for Today.

Finally! The weather has become spring-like. Which, for us Cape Codders means summer is right on spring’s heels. All good news, and definitely time to break out the grill. But not just any grill.  Like many of the products we sell, Weber grills have a long and rich history; they are credited with the birth […]