Key Cutting

“Where did I put my keys???”

If that’s a familiar phrase in your household, come on down to Snow’s Home and Garden. We’ll be happy to set you up with two (or three) spare sets so you never have to wonder which beach bag you left them in again.

We can cut every type of key you could possibly need—for your home, your car, or your business. We even cut those odd-sized specialty keys, such as safe and mailbox keys. We ensure that our keys are accurately cut with our precision-cutting machine; in the unlikely event that you have an issue with a key, just bring it back in for a re-cut. Plus, it’s a fast service. We can accurately cut your keys while you browse the store, and have your new sets to you in minutes.

You can also check out our key accessories, such as standard key tags, colored identification key rings, fun key chains, and much more. Feel free to contact us ahead of time with any questions!

key cutting