Mosquito Magnet®

There’s nothing worse than trying to enjoy a picture-perfect Cape Cod evening or a leisurely meal outside on your patio only to be chased away by mosquitoes. Luckily, you can stop the incessant swatting and put away the DEET when you set up a Mosquito Magnet®.

This safe device lures, traps, and eliminates mosquitoes from your yard. What’s more, it disrupts the mosquito breeding cycle, reducing the potential for future populations, and providing a long-term solution to your backyard mosquito issue.

The Snow’s Home and Garden store in Orleans, MA, is an authorized Mosquito Magnet center, offering year-round diagnosis and repair services. We also offer Mosquito Magnet contracts to maintain your unit mid-May through September; every 18 days we will inspect your machine, refill the propane tank, replace the lure, and clean the net. If your unit requires repair, we will provide a loaner machine while we perform the repair work. The contract doesn’t cover the cost of parts, but labor costs are included. Snow’s also offers convenient winter storage. Please contact us if you have any questions.