Professional Knife Sharpening

Slice and dice like a pro in the kitchen with our professional knife sharpening service. While we diligently sharpen our lawn mower and chainsaw blades to keep them running at peak performance, rarely do we think to sharpen our kitchen knives—and chances are you use your knives far more frequently.

Bring your kitchen knives into our Snow’s Home and Garden location in Orleans, MA, and our trained staff will have them back to you in one to two days. Our knife-sharpening center features a Tru Hone professional sharpening machine to get your set so sharp that you’ll think they came straight out of the box. If you haven’t experienced what a sharp knife can do for your culinary experience, come visit us and give it a try—you’ll be thanking us come dinner prep!


up to 6″ blade: $3 each
over 6″ blade: $5 each


If you have any questions about our knife sharpening service, please feel free to contact us .

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