Teak Talk

Now is the best time to invest in teak furniture at Snow’s, because it’s on sale – including special orders! But just until March 31, 2018.

Teak Furniture: Classic style that’s built to last

Outdoor furniture comes in all shapes, sizes – and budgets. Quality teak is at the higher end price-wise, but this is one case where you really do get what you pay for. 

Here’s a quick primer on the unique features and benefits of teak furniture.


teak dining set

Amalfi Teak Dining Set by Kingsley-Bate


Where does teak come from?

Teak comes from teak trees, indigenous to Southeast Asia.


What are teak’s special qualities?

  • It’s incredibly strong
  • It can last a lifetime
  • It is resistant to decay, due to special that occur naturally in the wood


Is teak sustainably harvested?

Not all of it. Because of high demand, teak trees are being cut down faster than they can be replenished. But Harlow and MacGregor – one of the two teak furniture companies Snow’s carries – plants a tree for every one cut down.

teak table and benches

Table and Bench Set by Harlow-MacGregor


Can teak get wet?

Yes. Grade A teak furniture can stand up to the elements, even heavy rain or snow. It’s great if you live by the beach because even the salty air won’t damage it.


What is “Grade A “teak?

Grade A teak wood comes from the center of a mature (at least 20 years old) teak tree. There is also Grade B and C, and maybe even D…but those grades don’t have the natural oils or tight wood grain that produces the same quality of teak furniture.


Can you leave teak furniture out in the winter months?

Yes. In fact, you shouldn’t cover it because that could trap moisture and produce mold.

charleston rockers

Charleston Rockers by Kingsley-Bate


Is teak supposed to “weather”?

Teak naturally turns a silvery gray over time, which is one of the things many people love about it. But you can also preserve the golden color of new teak by applying special products designed for this purpose.


What kind of maintenance does teak furniture require?

All you really need to do is wash your teak furniture with soap and warm water and rinse –  1-2 times a year.

Teak furniture is a sizable investment. How long can I expect it to last?

It really can last a lifetime. Quality teak pieces will not only provide enjoyment for you and your family, but they can be passed down with pride to the next generation.

teak cabana

Teak Summer Cabana by Harlow MacGregor

Browse before you buy

Probably the greatest thing about our Spring Fever sale event is that the discounts apply to special orders, too. So you can get exactly what you want, and have it by Memorial Day. It’s the advantage of shopping early – so don’t miss out!  Check out the teak collections – or any of our others – then come in or call by March 31, 2018 to place your order.

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