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2018 interior color trends announced

Does it feel like 2017 just got here? Well, yes, it kind of does. But when it comes to the design world, things move at a fast pace. Which is why the 2018 color trends for home interiors were announced at this year’s International Home + Housewares Show in Chicago.
lee eisman

Lee Eiseman, at the International Home and Housewares Show. Photo credit:


In previewing these trends, Pantone Color Institute Executive Director Lee Eiseman shared some of the insights reflected in the 2018 PANTONE VIEW Home + Interiors color palettes. Ms. Eiseman looks at fashion, art, pop culture and more to get a read on what’s hot, and what’s not – and to what color combinations consumers find themselves naturally attracted.
pantone color book

The complete book (paired with 75 forecasted Pantone cotton standards for soft home applications) retails for $495, but we can give you a sneak peak here. Photo credit: Pantone

Color concepts fall into eight palettes:


1. Verdure

In Portuguese it’s verde – in French it’s vert. Most of us recognize the meaning of this fresh-sounding root word as  “green” – and that’s just where this palette draws its inspiration. But it goes beyond green alone – colors like crisp Celery and deep Foliage pair with gold, purple and light blue to create a vibrant, – yet soothing – collection of color options. Seems like a natural extension of Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year, Greenery.


2. Playful

Is there anything more coveted in our “always-on” world than a playful spirit? This palette is bright and a little quirky, made evident by the color names themselves. Minion Yellow, anyone?


3. Discretion

Need to balance out Playful? Cue Discretion. The palette may be pink and flowery, but it’s at its peak of sophistication. Burnished Lilac, Hawthorne Rose, Elderberry. Your interior space, adorned with old English elegance.


4. TECH-nique

Our generation can be accused of always chasing that “next shiny thing,” but in this case there’s no chasing involved. Right at home, shiny hues of blue, green and fushia add a refreshing pop of color to your decor, toned down and soothed by pure white and a shade of creamy almond.

The TECH-nique palette. Photo credit: Pantone


5. Far-fetched

Think of this palette as a warm embrace of the many cultures that make up our planet. Approachable (and thirst-quenching) colors like Iced Coffee and Ruby Wine happily co-exist with dusty roses and yellows, reminiscent of a blend of exotic spices.


6. Resourceful

Orange and blue are complementary colors on the color wheel, which make them naturally, well – complementary. The combination of cool and warm tones is striking.


7. Intricacy

Although the palette itself is fairly neutral, it is a nod to the intricacy of designs, rather than color. It’s hard to tell in the swatches in the photo below (it’s the 3rd from the left in the bottom row), but many of these colors are actually metallics, – a.k.a. the “new neutrals.”


8. Intensity

The last palette in the 2018 group reflects strength and power through color. Also leveraging warm vs. cool, firey orange-reds (like “Molten Lava”) interplay with cool plums and blues to create a strong decorative statement.
pantone 2018 palettes

Pantone’s palettes for 2018: Top row, from left – Verdure, Playful, Discretion, TECH-nique; Bottom row – Far-Fetched, Resourceful, Intricacy, Intensity. Photo credit: Pantone



So, if you want to stay ahead of the design curve, this is your entrée. Or should we say appetizer? 

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