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3 Companies We Love…

And they make the world a better place, too!

We always believe in supporting companies that make great products, But these days, it’s just as important to seek out those who do more. In that spirit, here are three stand out companies with products we love to sell – and support.


In addition to making super trendy water bottles, coffee tumblers, and wine chillers, Corkcicle is partnered with charity:water.  5% of their online sales help fund bringing clean water to those in need, all around the world. The company promotes using refillable water and drink products, and they make their own reusable straws, helping to encourage using less plastic.

The Naked Bee

The Naked Bee believes in using “all the good stuff, none of the bad stuff.” A wonderful line of skincare products, the Naked Bee Products are USA-made, cruelty- free, and have no dyes or pigments. Additionally, most products are more than 60% organic. As if that wasn’t great already, the Naked Bee is partnered with Operation Pollination, spreading awareness about the decline in the honeybee population. The project encourages people to plant wildflowers for the honeybees, even going so far as to provide seed packets for free.


We love these shoes for so many reasons – the diverse designs, the minimalist style and the amazing comfort they provide. The products used to make them are all vegan, and always affordable. Even better, FitKicks encourages its shoppers (certified shopaholics) to donate a pair of gently used shoes every time they buy a new pair – encouraging others to help those in need.

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