Propane Tank Refills

Grill out of propane? Don’t panic—avoid a backyard cooking fiasco and come down to Snow’s Home and Garden for a propane tank refill. We’ll quickly and safely refill your 20, 30, or 40 lb. propane tank at a great price, and get you back on your way again. (And to be extra safe, grab one of our EZGO propane tank holders, a state-of-the-art stabilization device for a standard propane tank that ensures your filled tank won’t roll around the back of your car on the ride home.)

Unsure Whether Your Tank Needs a Refill?

If you’re not sure if your tank is running low and your gas grill doesn’t have a built-in fuel gauge, you can always use a scale—even a bathroom scale—to determine how much fuel is left. Simply disconnect your tank and place it on the scale. There will be a number stamped on the cylinder, such as “TW19,″ which indicates the weight of the tank when it’s empty. A large full tank usually weighs about 40 pounds. If your scale shows your tank is running low, come on in to Snow’s for a propane refill to avoid a mid-meal runout!

Have a question about your propane tank or about our tank refill service? Contact us and we’ll be happy to provide an answer.

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